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Transient Being
Multi-Media Performance

"Transient Being" is a 20-minute multi-media solo created at the artistic direction of Eran
Hanlon, in collaboration with visual artist Joseph Tarantelli and performing artist Alaina
Olivieri, and with the assistance of Asuka Hiraoka. It previewed at Rochester Institute of
Technology's Bevier Gallery as part of the opening reception of Tarantelli's MFA Thesis
Exhibit Deconstruction In Nature in March 2013 and premiered at the 2013 Rochester
Fringe Festival at Gallery r. Hanlon choreographed Olivieri’s performance with
movement that relates to the theme of Tarantelli’s projected video, "Fall Winter Spring," a
documentary that shows the making of the painting that shares the same name.

Artistic Director: Eran Hanlon
Performer: Alaina Olivieri
Visual Artist: Joseph Tarantelli
Assistant: Asuka Hiraoka
Videographer of Performance: Michael Tarantelli
Photography of Performance: Dani Brabant